Hello Scotland

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Facilis desensus averno
Clary Fray
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Date d'inscription : 05/08/2018
Messages : 259
Pseudo : Choupinette
Autres Comptes : Tessa Gray-Herondale & Annalyne C. Asgrimonn & Amara F. Whitelaw
Crédits : avatar: @heaven gif: tumblr
Suit : L'Enclave
Emploi/loisirs : Chasseuse d'Ombres lambda
Localisation : Brooklyn, l'Institut de New York
Orientation Sexuelle : Hétérosexuel(le)
Avec :
Jace Herondale + i love you and i will love you until i die. and if there is a life after that, i love you then.

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Jace Herondale + you're spécial, everything about you.

Simon Lewis + I know you more than me, even if I hurt you without wanting.

Isabelle Lightwood + you said "i always wanted to have a sister" and i answered "me too"

Alec Lightwood + jealous is our second name, but we want the same thing: your brother and my love happy.

Luke Garroway + we don't have the same blood, but i'm alive today thanks to you.

Jonathan C. Morgenstern + you are the ugly duckling of our family. But you are a monster after all.

† You can play it sensible, a king of conventional. Or you can risk it all and see my own life behind
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Hello Scotland
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