Where are-you ? Angelica Rp's

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Prénom  Angelica  Gladstone

Fiche dede RPs

◈ RPs en attente ◈

◈ Nymeria
◈ Dagmar/Silas

◈ RPs en cours ◈

I came back home, brother ! // ft. Alec Lightwood
Run, run away // ft. Simon Lewis
Une douce vengeance // ft. Aiden Pierce
It's time to make it right ! // ft. Maryse Lightwood
Meeting a family member // ft. Magnus Bane
We Already met it seems to me // ft. Ethan Denvers
You're my family // ft. Emily Gladstone & Simon Lewis
Stay with me // ft. Simon Lewis
Going nowhere // ft. Jace Herondale

◈ RPs terminés ◈

Another Lightwood in town // ft. Clary Fray

◈ RPs abandonnés ◈

Not Today // ft. Liam
Does the big bad wolf bite? // ft. Quentin
◈ sadja

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